"Australian-based pop star makes another indie album -a hauntingly beautiful album" 

- John Tirckle , Music Today Post

"Sean Houston is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazine

Sean Houston From Melbourne Australia. 

Well known for free styling lyrics when it comes to creating a new album.... 

As solo artists i am always looking to collaborate with other talented artists in the world music community. 

for the last few years i have seen my music grow and develop and change, it has all been a self taught endeavour. I was born with music in my blood and i know its the only thing i wanted to do in life. There was a time when i was about to give it all away because i couldn't get my voice back. A friend begged me not to give it up so i pushed through it and have kept going till this day. There hasn't been a time that I've ever looked back! Music for me is life. Without it i could not exist.

Albums known for: (please note not all albums are online) 


Reflections 2012 
Changing Tides 2013 
Changes 2014 
Burning Bridges 2015 
The Best Of Sean Houston 2015 
Chapter 31, 2015 
Dark Passenger 2015 
Lessons Learned 2015 
Fuck Love 2016   - (Re Released 2020)
Sex Games 2017 
Love Sex & Wrath 2017  - (Re Released 2020)

Getting To Know My Heart 2017- (Re Released 2020)

Welcome To My Truth 2018 

Praying On A Sign 2019

Love & Loss 2020 (NEW)

Best Of Album/Greatest Hits of Sean Houston 2020

Friends 2014 
I Wanna Be The 1 2015 
Take Me As I AM 2015 
Lessons Learned 2015 
Turn Around 2016 
Say What You Want 2016 
Don't Look Back 2017 
Its Time To Go 2017 
Don't Look Back 2017

Spring In Winter 2019

Shut The Fuck Up 2020

Record Labels. Strawberry Hills Records 2014-2015 


Sean Houston:

I First started out writing poetry.. after my first award and first book i felt it was time to change things up, this lead me to music, along with the encouragement of others....